Bachelor Party Transportation

Bachelor Party Transportation

So, the task has fallen to you. You have to plan a bachelor party. You know who is to be invited so you can put a check mark by that task. Now, to the meat of the party. What do you want to plan or maybe a more important question is what does the groom want to do for his party? The sky is the limit in the Jackson area. Sure a lot of guys expect and look for the traditional activities: alcohol, gambling, and strippers. Or you could step outside of those bounds a bit and maybe visit a casino. Stepping outside of the norm even further would be activities like a shooting range, paintball, whitewater rafting, bungee jumping, camping, racetrack, or even a sporting event. Whatever you do, make sure its something that the groom will absolutely love.

What would you think if you could combine the best of both worlds. With one of our party buses from Jackson Party Bus, you could absolutely do one of the more non-traditional activities and still enjoy more of what most guys expect like drinking and strippers. If you book a party bus, your group gets to enjoy more of the evening together instead of the group being broken up and trying to make their way to an activity or venue. You can begin the fun for the evening right from the moment everyone steps onto the vehicle. This way you can relax while you are being chauffeured by a professional driver. From the time your group is on your party bus, all everyone has to think about is enjoying the evening. While many positive perks come along with this kind of service, it also is a way to keep a lot of negative things from happening. For instance, your group won't be fighting traffic during the night, you won't have to search all over for a parking place, and you won't have to worry about driving after having a few drinks, so that means no chance of a DUI or you getting hurt or hurting anyone else. We only hire experienced, certified drivers who we train treat our customers the way we would want to be treated.

So, you are probably wondering, what can a party bus do to increase the amount of fun at the bachelor party. We will try to describe what one of our vehicles can do for your event, but words really won't do it justice, you have to actually experience it to completely understand. On our “party on wheels,” it all starts with the cool lighting you can't help but notice from the moment you board. The interior is equipped with LED color changing mood lighting that will have everyone entranced from the start. There is are bar areas that you will want to visit as many times as you feel like it throughout the night. In these areas, there are built-in coolers which you are free to stock with your favorite assortment of drinks. The sound system is absolutely phenomenal, it is concert quality with CD/MP3/iPod capabilities. So make sure you bring the grooms favorite tunes. While sitting on the soft leather wraparound seating, your group can take a gander at the high definition flat screens with DVD players. This could be used in a multiplicity of different ways so we will leave that up to your discretion. There is a hardwood dancing floor installed with a stripper pole so if you want to bring in a little extra entertainment for the groom, you are all set for the show. One last important thing for the purposes of a bachelor party. The windows on our party buses have a very dark tint on them so what happens on the party bus, stays on the party bus. So, its easy to see that whatever else you have planned for the night, some of the traditional fun can still be had on one of our vehicles.

Our customer service philosophy is built on the complete satisfaction of our customers. We believe in paying attention to the details because it is often the details that can make or break a company or an experience in a vehicle like a party bus. The same goes for safety. Our vehicles are inspected and maintained on a very consistent schedule, so you never have to worry about being stranded on the side of the road. Also, all of our vehicles are insured to the highest degree possible. So, after hearing all of these positive attributes, are you ready to check into availability? If you are, please call our office anytime day or night. Our courteous booking agents will talk to you about any of your questions or concerns and then find the perfect size party bus for your group and event. Call today, we look forward to hearing from you and serving your needs.