Bachelorette Party Transportation

Bachelorette Party Transportation

Some people call it your last night of freedom. Others refer to it as the last fling before the ring. Whatever you or your friends decide to do for your bachelorette party, you can certainly be as creative as you want to be. Jackson is a city that offers a wide array of possibilities. If you are going to come up with a theme, there is a venue in Jackson that will will suit you. It really all depends on what you like and what meshes with your personality: Vegas Night, wine tasting, girl's sleepover, spa day, and the list could go on and on. What about a gourmet cooking class where your group can create a wonderful meal together complete with appetizers and dessert. One of the most trendy things that is really catching on these days is to book a private painting class where you and your closest friends can create their own masterpieces. At some places, this kind of activity can be combined with a guided tour of an art gallery where the guide points out the most romantic paintings on display. So, if you decide to be a little more creative with your party or just want to do something more traditional like take a tour of the nightlife in the Jackson area, you are in a place that offers it all.

Once your plans are made, its time to think about how everyone is going to get to your venue or multiple venues. You could make out an itinerary and schedule and have everyone try to find there own way to each stop and hopefully everyone will arrive within the time frames you have chosen. But that way is kind of clunky and to be honest, does not sound like a whole lot of fun for the group. Have you ever considered a party bus from Jackson Party Bus? This is an amazing way for your bachelorette party to roll from stop to stop, believe us when we say that the fun will never end with one of our vehicles. If there ever was something made for an event, our party buses were made for bachelorette parties. Your entire group can be together from the start of the night to the time that we drop everyone off.

When you book a party bus, you can still put together an itinerary, its just that one of our experienced, certified drivers will be safely motoring everyone everywhere for the entire evening. What a great thought. Leave all of the traffic hang ups to your professional chauffeur for the evening. Wondering where you might need to park? Won't be a problem in a party bus. If the ladies will be having a few drinks during the evening, drinking and driving won't be an issue, certainly no DUIs. Here is another interesting angle, no one in your party will have to worry about getting lost. Our drivers know the roads you will be traveling on like the back of their hands. And if they do need help, every one of our vehicles is equipped with GPS. Flexibility is our middle name. If you want to make a stop that was not on your original itinerary, just ask your chauffeur about it and he will find a way to get there.

While on the party bus, the fun your group will be having that evening will only be heightened. The features everyone will have a chance to play with will bring a smile to every face. We know that the ladies know how to dance and are much more apt to get out on the dance floor that the guys. On our vehicles, your group can try out their favorite shaking and baking on the custom hardwood dance floor that has been installed. There is also a dancing pole setup for everyone to take a shot at which should provide huge laughs to your entire group. Once everyone is tuckered out from all of the moving, its just a short distance to the soft leather wraparound seating. If anyone is ready for a drink, there are bar areas with built-in coolers where you can avail yourself of your favorite libation at any time. How about some music? You will be able to listen to a concert quality sound system with CD/MP3/iPod capabilities. But the multimedia doesn't stop there, we have also installed high definition flat screen televisions with DVD players so you can watch anything on the screens that your heart desires. And there are details that we have not overlooked. The entire interior has LED color changing lighting that adds so much to your experience.

Does this sound like it could be a bachelorette party to remember? We think so too. Our company wants you to know that you we want you to have the most fun possible, but we do take your safety very seriously. Our party buses are inspected regularly and maintained when needed to keep them very road worthy. Call one of our friendly customer service representatives today and lets start a conversation on how we can get you and your group into a party bus for your bachelorette party.