Corporate Event Transportation

Corporate Event Transportation

Why should a company sponsor a corporate event and who is it usually for? There are many answers to this question. A corporate event can be for employees, present or potential clients, or business partners. Your company might want to reward your employees for all of the hard work last year or maybe on a specific project. There is also the ever popular team building exercises to bring coworkers closer together and make them feel like everyone has a common mission and goal. You may be trying to gain future clients and make them part of your business. Whether the event includes high level executives or just the minions, it can be a lot more productive and create an atmosphere of cooperation when it combines some fun with education. If you are the one planing the event, there are a few things you need to decide on. Is Lunch or dinner going to be involved? Where is the event going to be held, at the place of business or a convention center or hotel? Whatever you decide in terms of these details, you will want to make sure the atmosphere and venues spur relationship building and networking.

There is one thing that we can suggest that fits right into the relationship building mold. A party bus from Jackson Party Bus. Consider how a vehicle like this would fit into your goals and your mission. First of all, the group would be together from the start of the event in an atmosphere that is built to break down barriers and get people talking. There is something about a party bus that makes people drop the walls around them and become much more open to interacting. If you are trying to make an impression, you will certainly do it with one of our vehicles. If you are trying to show appreciation to your loyal employees, the party bus can certainly do that as well. In fact, there is really no situation you could bring up in relation to a corporate event where one of our vehicles would not be a perfect mode of transportation for you.

From the moment your group steps on one of our party buses, they will relax. This will be great for your purposes no matter what your intention was with your event. The LED color changing lighting will create a mood in which the group will be put in a mindset to cooperate with whatever you have planned. There is nothing like a few drinks to get people talking and sharing and building relationships. Our vehicles have bar areas with built-in coolers that you can stock with your groups favorites. Additional features include an amazing concert quality sound system with CD/iPod/MP3 capabilities. Music is, of course, another great mood changer and can affect any kind of event in a positive way. There are also high definition flat screen televisions with DVD players that would be perfect if you wanted to take a few minutes or more to show a training video or a corporate message. In between video clips, the group can get out on the custom wood dance floor to get some exercise and have some fun. You could even use the dance floor for one of your team building exercises like passing the rubber chicken to the person with blue eyes. If you need the whole group to sit down while you say a few words, everyone will be able to sit on our comfortable leather wraparound seating. With these kind of amenities, your corporate event is sure to be a huge success and the party bus will help lead you in the right direction in terms of your goals.

Besides the awesome features just described, there are some other advantages that a party bus gives that most people never think of. Because you are leaving the driving in the hands of one of our professional and experienced drivers, you never have to worry about any kind of drinking and driving with your group. Also, our drivers are very knowledgeable about the roads that you will be traveling so you can be assured of arriving on at your locations at the time you specified. This way your corporate event will stay on schedule. Keep in mind that you can provide us with an itinerary before the trip begins and our driver will follow that to the letter unless you specify any changes on the fly which is completely acceptable as well. And we want you to know that we take your safety very seriously. Our buses are insured to the highest degree possible.

If you think this might be something you would like to try for your next corporate event, feel free to call our friendly booking agents any time day or night. They can walk you through the options for your group size and then they will be able to check availability. Call us today so we can help your company with your next event.